Monday, May 31, 2010

Explanation of Active Directory Domain Functional Level Features

Windows Server 2003 domain functional level features
- Domain rename capability
Windows Server 2003 functional level supports rename of Active Directory domain.
- Cross-forest transitive trusts
Windows Server 2003 functional level supports transitive trusts between two or more Active Directory forests.
- Universal group caching
Windows Server 2003 functional level supports Universal group caching which eliminate the need for local global catalog server
- Intersite topology generator (ISTG) improvements
More efficient ISTG algorithm allows support for extremely large numbers of sites.
- Multivalued attribute replication improvements
This allows incremental membership changes.
- Lingering objects (zombies) detection
Windows Server 2003 ability to detect zombies, or lingering objects.
- AD-integrated DNS zones in application partitions
This allows storing of DNS data in AD application partition for more efficient replication. 
Windows Server 2008 domain functional level features
- Fine-grained password policies
Allows multiple password polices to be applied to different users in the same domain.
- Read-Only Domain Controllers
Allows implementation of domain controllers that only host read-only copy of NTDS database.
- Granular auditing
Allows history of object changes in Active Directory.
- Distributed File System Replication (DFSR)
Allows SYSVOL to replicate using DFSR instead of older File Replication Service (FRS). It provides more robust and detailed replication of SYSVOL contents.

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